Why UKFast?

Our Difference

With UKFast data centres, we put the 'custom' into 'customers'. Why provide a selection of fixed services to a variety of different industries if they don't have the option to personalise it? By offering a range of customised features, not only are we different from other colocation providers - so are our customers. Let us tailor our services around you, and see how our tailor-made plans can make a difference to your business today.

Here are ten great reasons to get on board with us and discover life in the UKFast lane:


We're there for you 24/7/365. You literally have your own UKFast team dedicated to being there when you need them. As an extension to your IT department, we allow you to focus on your core business. With well over a decade of knowledge and experience in the industry we give you a whole lot of fire power to add to your team!

UKFast is about being fast

Speed is about so much more than providing a lightning-fast hosting performance - which of course is what you get from UKFast. It's about the speed and efficiency in with which we do everything, whether it's automating the launch of a server, or answering the phone within three rings - the faster we help you, the quicker your growth.

We will grow your business

We've actively watched it happen well over a thousand times now - when businesses join the UKFast network not only does their popularity grow, but so do their online fortunes. We focus on keeping this momentum whilst helping you achieve more than you ever thought was possible. For the very best in customer service, read any of our client stories around the site to see the difference UKFast makes.

We love to take control - and own our own DCs!

We're the UK's only hosting provider to own the freeholds to their data centres, going to the farthest limits to offer you superior quality. How else can we give you a 100% network uptime guarantee alongside being 100% carbon neutral? We even developed our own bespoke telephone system and integrated it completely into our client management systems!

We have an incredible people focus

Technology is simple - people are complicated. This is why we dedicate a huge amount of time in developing our people and our customers to create the very best service within the industry. We only employ people with a caring gene, people who will go to the ends of the earth for their friends and their clients - which means you really can rely on us.

We live by our core values

We're like a family at UKFast - albeit a family of almost 200! We all share the same values and aspirations, and you can bet that these qualities are extemely important to us. In fact - our core values make us who we are. They make us the most supportive and passionate people you could possible meet in business!

We make a promise to you

We don't just see you as clients. With UKFast, we're building amazing partnerships with businesses that are changing the shape of the internet. We're all operating in the most exciting industry on the planet and it's our quest to help you put your stamp on the global marketplace. That's why we have an unbeatable SLA.

We design innovative technologies

Our award-winning R&D team are responsible for some of the biggest game-changers in the business. From dedicated load balancing to sophisticated monitoring technologies, we lead the field when it comes to giving our clients a competitive advantage - even building Microsoft's first public cloud platform for them exclusively.

We put the client first

The first and last word in hosting is YOU. That's why we're here to support you every day of the year. Without you, there is no internet. We've designed our entire business around being there for you, from our upside-down management style to our client management software. Your future is our business.

We're different

We're one of the only UK-owned hosting providers left in the industry and we believe it's time to put the 'Great' back into Great Britain. If we told you all of our goals for developing this industry, you'd never believe us! Come in and meet us and you'll see just how devoted we are. We don't intend to ride a wave - we're driving an industry.

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